Joint Workshops

IEEE ETXR 2018 – Workshop of Emerging Topics in XR

AR/VR/XR provides users to link the perception from a real world to a virtual world with 3D contents. Computer vision, computer graphics, and interactive technologies in human computer interface supply ways to visualize and display 3D models, animations, and visual indicators for storytelling from designers and artists. This workshop offers a meeting place for researchers/designers/artists working in the convergence area of AR/VR/XR to share the research and prototyping experiences for creative ideas. At the workshop papers for “emerging topics in XR” present fast forward talks and live demonstrations, including displays, virtual and augmented reality, input devices, and robotics. Some of the accepted works will be chosen as “Best Demo Prize” by the “emerging topics in XR” program committee members at the event venue.

Call for papers (PDF)
IEEE ETXR 2018 workshop website

IEEE WARM 2018 – Workshop on AI & VR in Medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are two of the enabling technologies rapidly growing recently. Not limited to only deep learning and machine learning, AI here can also be traditional such as Bayesian Approach, Genetic Algorithm, Evolution Methods and so on. Similarly, VR covers a whole spectrum from virtual reality, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), augmented virtuality (AV), to real virtuality (RV, also known as 3D printing). This workshop aims to establish a platform promoting the marriage of AI and VR for the application in medicine. These medical applications include diagnosis, surgery and intervention, rehabilitation, training, patient education, and so on. WARM invites researchers, educators, clinicians, policy makers and other relevant professionals joining the workshop to contribute their original research for the possible sharing at the platform and to explore potential collaboration among the participants.

Call for papers (PDF)
IEEE WARM 2018 workshop website

IEEE DAIVAR 2018 – 2nd Workshop on Interface and Experience Design with AI for VR/AR

The objective of this workshop is to invite scholars and practitioners to discuss synergies between interface and experience design in artificial intelligent reality virtual and augmented environments. The aim is to gather a cross-disciplinary team of contributors researching HCI related issues contributing to this fascinating newly emerging domain. We especially seek contributions from experts with a background in computer science, HCI, psychology/cognitive sciences, culture/communication studies, design and art to develop this fascinating intersection. Aspects can range from user-experience, technologies supporting end-users, practical applications, methods, content production, cultural implications, communication theories, up to more artistic approaches in artificial intelligent interaction.

Call for papers: (PDF)
IEEE DAIVAR 2018 workshop website